Cleaning, Finishing, Coatings, Ovens & Furnaces

Alliance Manufacturing, Inc.- Manufacturer of industrial parts washers and parts cleaning systems. 

  • A full line of aqueous parts cleaning systems, including belt, indexing, monorail, front/top loading cabinet wash systems.
  • Design and build custom systems engineered for specific cleaning applications.
  • Patented removable washer canopy for full-access to washer interior for process adjustment and maintenance.
  • State of the art parts testing lab provides cleanliness results and capabilities.
  • Washer designs incorporate maintenance friendly features to maximize machine uptime.

KECO Coatings, Inc.

Nationally recognized industry leader specializing in developing and applying lab-tested and technically superior coatings.your paragraph here.

  • One of 23 licensed Chemours Teflon® industrial applicators (LIAs) in the U. S.
  • ​Coating portfolio includes antimicrobial, automated powder, ceramics, dry film lube, epoxy, liquid, plasma, thermal barrier thermoplastic, and plasma.
  • ​Service industries include aircraft, automotive, CPI, food processing, HVAC, lighting, OEM, packaging, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, transportation, and more.
  • ​​ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Wisconsin Oven Corp.

Design and manufacturer of industrial ovens and other heat processing equipment.

  • Applications including heat treating, finishing, drying, composite cure, annealing, stress relief and curing.
  • Systems include standard & custom batch ovens, custom conveyor ovens, washer/quench tanks, incinerators and heat treat furnaces.
  • Full service department offering start-up & training, installation, PM programs, modification and refurbish, uniformity services and oven relocation/rebuild services.