Weiss North America, Inc.

Manufacturer of high quality cam, servo and linear motor driven automation components.

          • Rotary index tables.

          • Palletized conveyor.

          • Linear motor driven pick & place units.

          • Ring index tables.

          • Machine bases and tooling plates

TOX Pressotechnik

Designs and builds standard and custom press and joining solutions and systems.

  • Extensive standard manual, air-to-oil and electric servo driven presses
  • Custom press solutions with short lead times
  • Patented TOX sheet metal joining technology
  • Joining solutions are our forte (riveting, clinching, swaging, crimping and extrude and roll to name a few)
  • Industries served include Automotive, Appliance, Medical, Consumer Products and Ordnance

Assembly & Automation Components

Zaxis, Inc.

Modular design leak test instruments and systems.

  • Test types include pressure decay, vacuum decay, mass flow, occlusion, burst, pressure cracking and chamber testing.
  • A full line of valves, fitting and connection devices are available to proper suit your application.
  • Custom test stations including part nesting, tool plates, 3D modeling to provide a turn-key solution.
  • Multi-channel systems available that run concurrent tests from one leak test instrument.
  • Compatible with EtherNet/IP.

​​​BalTec Corp. 

The innovative Swiss riveting machine manufacturer that is the technological trend setter in the industry.

  •  Processes include radial and orbital forming, roller forming and pressing assembly                  operations.
  •  BalTec HPP-25 is the most advanced process monitoring and control system on the market  today.
  •  Small work cells including rotary tables and X-Y-Z positioning systems are available.
  •  Custom fixtures and parts nests.
  •  Industries served include automotive, medical device, aerospace, hardware and electrical.


Sonics & Materials

The world-wide leader in ultrasonic technology for plastics assembly, liquid processing and food cutting.] Type your paragraph here.

  • Full line of ultrasonic welding equipment and systems including 15kHz, 20 kHz, 40 Khz and hand held systems.
  • Ultrasonic OEM Kits provide maximum flexibility for system integrators & special machine builders.​
  • ​Custom tooling and fixtures.
  • Consultation for joint design and application engineering.

Automated Industrial Systems 

Manufacturer of automated O-ring and seal placement systems.

  • Internal and external O-ring placement systems.
  • Braze ring, C Clips and retainer ring placement systems.
  • Systems available in automated or manual configurations.

Weber Screwdriving Systems, Inc.

Manufacturer of precision fastening systems including screwdriving and insertion applications.

          • Modular screwdriving spindles with or without automatic feed system.

          • Bench-type screwdriving stations for manual and semi-automatic operations.

          • Handheld automatic feed systems.

          • All systems available with DC Electric or Pneumatic drives systems.

Performance Feeders, Inc. 

Manufacturer of vibratory, centrifugal feeders, storage hoppers, bulk elevators and conveying systems.

  • ​Custom tooled vibratory feed systems, storage  hoppers and inline conveying systems. 
  • ​Custom tooled centrifugal feed systems for high feed rate applications.
  • Part isolation devices, dead nests and escapement mechanisms.​
  • ​Base plates and tables for system mounting.   
  • ​Standard and custom conveying systems, online configurator on web site.